Harvard University Free Online Courses with Free Certificate

Harvard University Free Online Courses with                      Free Certificate
Harvard University Free Online Courses with Free Certificate

Do you want to enroll in free online courses offered by the top universities of the globe? If yes then this article is for you. In this pandemic of COVID-19 Harvard University is trying to engage the candidates across the globe in short online courses. Harvard medical school is offering free online courses which are totally free of cost. Candidates from all over the world are welcomed by the professional crew of Harvard medical school. You can utilize your time in more productive things in this pandemic by enrolling in these courses.
Harvard Medical School is a graduate medical school of Harvard University. It is offering multiple learning opportunities including modules and online courses for all the candidates across the globe. You can take any of these courses according to your will. You will receive a verified free certificate from Harvard medical school when you will complete your chosen webinar. But the certificate is awarded to only those candidates who will fulfill the criteria of eligibility, which is already declared by Harvard medical school.

Getting a certificate in all the courses is really very easy and best thing about these courses is that the awarded certificates are verified by Harvard University. After the completion of a course, a test will be held by Harvard medical school. If you will get 75% marks then Congratulations, you have passed the test and now you are eligible to receive a free certificate from world renowned Harvard medical school. 

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Detail About Harvard University Free Online Courses with Free Certificate :

Host University :

Harvard University


  1. No educational or academic restrictions (But my recommendation is for Biology Related Students)
  2. Language skills are not needed.
  3. Last academic degree is not required.
  4. Natives of any country can apply.
  5. There are no hidden charges or entry fee of online courses.
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  1. You will receive a verified certificate from the Harvard University.
  2. Assessment at the end of course will boost your skills.
  3. There is no deadline or specific time duration for these online courses.
  4. No specific qualification criteria is needed for enrollment .
  5. You can get yourself enrolled for free and without any complicated application procedure.
  6. You don't have to pay anything for your tuition fee or entry fee.
  7. You don't have to bound yourself for online classes because there is no specific time to attend your class, you can attend lectures at any free time and at any place according to your own will.

How to enroll?

If you want to get enrolled in this free online program of Harvard University, you have to follow the following steps:
Click on the link which is  given below.
Official website will appear, scroll down on this page and you will view some recording, e.g. Jun recording, May recording and many other old recording are available, these recording are actually the courses offered by Harvard University.
All the recording are usually 2-3 hours long; you can choose any recording as your course of study.
Click on the recording of your desired course, it will take you directly to the related video of that course.
If you will click on the video, the video of your course will be started.( The professors who are teaching and educating the candidates in videos are the working professors and staff of Harvard medical school.)
Right after completing your course video and if you have completely got what was taught in that video, you have completed a portion of your course. Then apply for free Certificate.
Now all you have to do is click on the ‘claim credits’ button which is just below the video.
A new page will open then click on “click here to claim credit” button.
Another page will appear; there you have to provide the following information:
  1.  First Name
  2.  Last Name
  3.  Email Address

       After providing entire information, click on the “submit” button.
      A page will appear, this page have a bar which will show your overall progress throughout the course.Right below the bar is an empty space; there you have to enter your “real full name” which you want to be mentioned on your certificate. 
      After typing your name, check the box below and click on ‘Next’.
      A course review form will appear and you have to fill it out.If you scroll down the page you will see 2 options
  1.       One option is to get the certificate which is for specified for physicians.
  2.       The other option is to get the certificate which is specified for students or professionals learners

After picking the type of the certificate you want, click on next button.
A page will appear showing your final test sheet. There you can see some multiple choice questions. You have to get at least 75% marks in the test to make you eligible for the certificate. So attempt all the multiple choice questions carefully.
Click on ‘finish’ button after you have attempted your question paper.
If you have passed a test with at least 75% marks, Harvard medical school will email you a certificate.


There is no deadline for these online courses. You can get yourself enrolled anytime through out a year.

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