ISA Scholarship 2021


International Sustainability Academy (ISA) is a plan in Hamburg a city in Germany. It is playing an important role in carrying out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to nourish and reinforce SDGs especially to fix the climate protection affairs. It is an ISA Scholarship program having a duration period of nine months. ISA is looking for twelve Young contestants to diagnose the problem of the earth.
The ISA scholarship 2021 is providing an opportunity to 12 students or candidates every year to live in Hamburg and to do their eight month research work. They will also further sponsor these candidates some more months in their own country so that they can customize and complete their research report results.
ISA is a fully funded scholarship programs. It will cover all the expenditures of the elected applicants. Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is financing this scholarship to all the arising countries, together them in the Development Assistance Committee (DAC).
These twelve successful candidates will be allowed to share their innovative and novel ideas with worldwide in their chosen field which will be interrelating to the seventeen Goals of SDGs. The main aim of ISA, Germany is to equip the scholars or candidates with adequate knowledge of a major issues of climate protection so that the candidates can do their duty to their home countries. The project of selecting scholars from other countries will be a process to interchange between Germany and their home country.

The main focus of the program is to exchange the knowledge and findings between scholarship holders, which they have researched throughout their stay in Hamburg. Moreover this program is offering some training courses. It will develop internships in collaboration with the holders of scholarships. They will give selected candidates a chance to visit the best institutions and companies. The elected students or candidates of scholarship will be supported and supervised in their selected subjects by research centers and ISA. The selected universities by students will also help them in their chosen subjects.

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International Sustainability Academy (ISA) Scholarship 2021:

Host country:


Location of scholarship program:

Hamburg, a city in Germany

Duration of scholarship program:

Total duration of this scholarship is 9 Months: Candidates will spend eight months in Hamburg, Germany and will spend one month in their home country for the execution of project.


ISA is offering twelve fully funded scholarships. 

Required documents:                                         

  1. Bachelors or an equivalent degree
  2. Attested copies of Diploma or other educational degrees as an evidence
  3. Letter of motivation with about one thousand words
  4. Curriculum vitae of three to four pages typed or word-processed
  5. English language course or min B1 certificate
  6. The description of research project should be of 1,500 characters.
  7. Candidate must be eligible to stay abroad (authorization from employer or matriculation)

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  1.  Free flat for Accommodation (12m² with shared kitchen and bathroom)
  2.  Work station
  3. Return ticket from Hamburg to your home country (Economy Class)
  4. Free health insurance
  5. German language course (duration 10 weeks)
  6. Free tickets for public transports
  7. Researchers will also get some handsome amount of money for their research work (€ 1,300 monthly stipend)

Selection criteria and procedures:

  1. Candidates must fill the form straight from the official website and every form should be uploaded 10 months before the starting of each course.
  2. Necessary documents must be uploaded straight from the portal of application.
  3. Only those applications will be considered which have all the required documents.
  4. You can contact your project group via e-mail, phone or video conference during the period of the application. Six months earlier, the applications will be closed.
  5. The interview of elected candidates will be conducted through telephone. This interview will be organized by 2 independent representatives of ISA which include an educational specialist or a project leader and from an educational establishment or a company.
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Eligibility criteria:

  1. The applicants must be from the countries or regions that are already mentioned in DAC list
  2. The applicant can speak and understand English and must have better English skills of at least B1 or more better (i.e. TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS or TOEIC)
  3. Candidate must have professional experience and a degree in the selected field.
  4. An applicant should have done experimentation and research or must be currently working on a research project basically linked with climate protection which they can continue in Germany and can give services to their home country on returning back.
  5. The research project should be linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  6. Applicants can only apply from the Embassy of Germany in their home country for a Visa.
  7. There is not any age limit. The candidates of any age can apply.
  8. Applicants must have the following capabilities
  • Intellectual abilities:
  •  Professional qualification
  • General education
  • Open-mindedness
  • Interest
  • Creativity
  • Value orientation:
  • Firm decision-making skills
  • Responsible
  • Tolerate and standpoint
  • Independent thinking
  • General:
  • Environment policy commitment
  • Volunteer activities
  •  Can make own scientific performance
  • Personality:
  •  Motivated
  •  High potential
  • Good personal presentation
  • Possess social competence
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How to apply:

On May 15, 2020 the process of online application for the ISA Scholarship 2021 will be opened. You can apply online through the official website of ISA. You will find all the necessary information on their official website.
Candidates must submit their application form online because ISA only accept online applications.
Collect all the needed information and documents for the process of application.

Application deadline:

The deadline to apply for the ISA Scholarship Program 2021 is June 30th, 2020.

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