Free Study In Germany

Free Study In Germany

Free STUDY IN GERMANY  Complete Guideline 

               As you  all know study in Europe is very expensive due to it's level of education.But Germany which is a European country provides free education in almost all fields. Every year students apply from all over the world but many students make basic mistakes that is why they do not get the admission. Today i will discuss each  and every thing from beginning till end. So read it thoroughly after that if you have any query feel  free to ask. If you are confused about how to apply Free Study in Germany, here is a step by step process to get admission in German Universities and how to prepare your documents.

Step 1:- Apply for Appointment

  1. First of all you make sure that you have your Passport (valid up to 3 years).
  2. With that Passport go to the concerned German Embassy and apply for Appointment.
  3. If you belong to KPK /Punjab Province(Pakistan), then you will to apply at Islamabad Embassy otherwise at Karachi Consulate.
  4. According to German Embassy Islamabad, the waiting time for appointment is approximately 10 months which means that if you want to appear for interview in August, 2020. You should apply for Appointment 10 months before (October 2019) your required date.

Watch video how to apply Appointment. Click Here 

STEP 2:- Preparation for IELTS  

Start preparation for IELTS. It takes around a month, you can prepare either yourself or from any institute.Although minimum requirement depend on your course but usually required  6.0 (overall) minimum score. Try to get more than your requirement.

Step 3:- Verification of all Academic Documents  

  1. Attestation from IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairman)
  2. Attestation from HEC (Higher Education Commission)
  3. Attestation of documents from MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)  
  4. Attestation of documents from Notary Public (Only Photocopy)

How to Attest from IBCC  Click Here

How to Attest From HEC    Click Here

How to Attest From MOFA Click Here

How to Attest From Notary Public Click Here 

Note   Degree higher than intermediate should be attested from HEC. Attest all your documents from MOFA.

STEP 4:- Start Applying  

First search your required field from Watch video how find course Click Here

Must check the following requirement before selecting.
  1.  IELTS and GPA requirement
  2.  Fees of your course (mostly universities are free)
  3.  Beginning (summer or winter)
  4.  Duration (generally 2 years)
  6.  Language of instruction

Note    Mostly you will find two ways for applying. 1 through My Uni-Assist and 2 direct to the university. 

STEP 5: Apply Through Uni-Assist  

Create a free account on My Uni-Assist. Simply apply for your desired course.After that you have to send the attested document from Notary Public. One more thing you will find two types of method of applying. one through VPD and second directly to the My Uni-Assist.

Watch video how to make Account on My Uni-Assist Click Here

Step 6: Required Document

This is the list of major documents which  is required  for applying.
  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Copy of Passport Information Page
  3. Copy of Degrees & Transcripts ( All Educational ) 
  4.  Letter of Motivation
  5.  Recommendation Letters ( Atleast two)
  6.   Internship Certificate
  7. Job Experience Certificate
  8. Language Certificate

STEP 7 :- Payments & Fee of Uni-Assist  

Uni-Assist is not a FREE service, they charge Handling Fee for your application. Like first time you have to pay 75 euro. Second time and so on you  have to pay 30 euro.Uni-Assist processes your application only when they receive your payment so make sure your payment is done in
Watch video how to pay handling fee on My Uni-Assist Click Here

STEP 8 :- Open a Block Account  

Block account is an account in the German Bank. Block account is your living expense not your tuition fee. You have to block 10,236 euro in the bankBanks are  eligible to charge Transfer fee on 10,236 euro which differs from bank to bank, average transfer fee is 50$ *5500-7700 rupees* (depending on exchange rate/revised transfer charges).

STEP 9 :- Required Bank Statement

You also require a bank statement. Bank statement is a proof that your sponsor have that much money to bear your expense. You should show minimum of 1 million rupees bank statement.


STEP 10 :- Traveling Insurance

Different companies are providing Traveling Insurance. Some companies are providing free of cost while some companies charge a little bit. You should have a traveling insurance of 180 days  at the time of  your visa interview.

STEP 11 :- Visa Interview Document 

Major Documents for visa interview.
  1. Admission Letter 
  2. Block Account Conformation 
  3. Bank Statement
  4. Educational Document
  5. Traveling Insurance

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