Attestation From Notary Public

Attestation From Notary Public

Many countries Required Attested document from Notary Public Like Germany, China, and many other countries. Every year many students rejected due to the wrong attestation. So stop doing these types of mistake in Attestation of document. One more thing you should attest your Photocopy document not original document.

All the photocopies set that you will sent to Uni-Assist requires Notarization, the Notarization Authority is present in every city’s High/Session Courts. You have to pay 200 rupees for attestation. Notary public attestation is not much costly as well as you do not need any appointment.One last  thing is that attest your document from front side. 

Document List

Here is the list of documents that require notarization

  1. Secondary School Certificate – SSC (Matric Sanad)
  2. Higher Secondary School Certificate – HSSC (Intermediate Sanad)
  3. Bachelor’s Degree
  4. Bachelor’s Transcript

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