Visa Interview Questions In German Embassy

Visa Interview Questions In German Embassy

Most Common Visa Interview Questions in German Embassy 

These are the most common questions which are asked in German Embassy. I Collected these questions with my personal Experience.

  1. Why do you want to study in Germany?
  2. What program did you apply for?
  3. Who is sponsoring you?
  4. Why did you choose this particular program?
  5. What is the name of your university?
  6. How many universities did you apply to?
  7. Why this university?
  8. What is the duration of your program?
  9. When did you complete your undergraduate degree?
  10. What have you been doing after completing your undergraduate degree?
  11. Is this program relevant to your previous studies?
  12. Is this course available in your home country? If so, why don’t you study it in your home country?
  13. What will you do after completing your studies?
  14. Do you wish to remain in Germany after completing your studies or return to your home country?
  15. Do you have any relatives in Germany?
  16. Do you plan to work in Germany? 
  17. What is the annual salary of your sponsor?
  18. Do you have any siblings and what do they do?

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